Astronomy telescopes-fascinating instruments

Man is always fascinated by the sky and its objects. Various studies had been conducted about heavenly objects. Astronomy is the study of heavenly objects like stars, planets, galaxies etc.  It is one of the oldest sciences. To study about heavenly objects an instrument called telescope is invented. With the help of this, distant objects in the sky can be observed. Astronomy telescopes are the instruments used to conduct the study of heavenly objects.

The name telescope refers to a wide range of instruments. Some telescopes study electromagnetic radiation. That is what astronomers do. Some other variety depends on the location like ground telescope, space telescope etc.  Astronomers collect all data about the stars and planets using this telescope and analyze this data. Basing on their studies and analyses many new things were discovered about the planets and the conditions there. Scientists are now making studies about the possibility of life in other planets like Mars. This study was there in ancient times also. But in the modern age astronomy has developed into a perfect science.

Whenever there are important celestial events like solar or lunar eclipses telescopes are set up in observatories. Astronomy telescopes help in these observations.

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