What are Astronomy Binoculars?

An amateur viewer of Astronomy or a serious viewer of Astronomy the best way to view the sky is with a set of Astronomy Binoculars.  Astronomy Binoculars are light, durable and easy to use and brings the images of the objects of the sky which you can not see with your naked eye. Best Astronomy Binoculars are available in different sizes.

The conventional Z-shaped porro prism design of Binoculars well suits the purposes of Astronomy.  It consists of two joined right-angled prisms that reflect the light path three times.  Porro prism design is the selection for Astronomy Binoculars.  Roof prism designs are sleeker and straight barreled and are more technical and compact.  The path of the light is long folding four times with a stringent manufacturing quality to equal the performance.  Roof prism model is better suited for viewing terrestrial objects.

The diameter of the Astronomy Binoculars should be at least 40mm.  Apertures of 35mm or less are good for day time viewing only as they would not gather enough light to give good views of most objects in the night sky.

Best Astronomy Binoculars should magnify the image of the object at least 7 times.  Astronomical binoculars 10x are hand-held with the required magnification.  If the magnification surpasses 10x it becomes difficult to hold the binoculars steadily to get a sharp image.  Oversize Astronomical Binoculars with above 10x magnification and aperture greater than 50mm needs a tripod for better viewing.

Binoculars with an exit pupil of 5 or more are used for the purpose of Astronomy.  Astronomy Binoculars has both individual eye piece focus and central focus. Astronomy Binoculars are fully multi-coated.

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